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Aerial for Fitness

Why Choose Aerial for Fitness?

Aerial acrobatics, acro balance, circus skills are all great creative ways to get active and healthy, without even knowing it!

Aerial and Circus is all inclusive, we run classes for ages 8 years and above, and there's no limit to that. You don't have to be a certain size or build to be able to join in and have a go. Everyone has to start somewhere, but it is possible to start anywhere.

Whilst circus can be energetic, you can also be creative. It allows freedom of movement, you can fly through the air and it is exciting! It can really boost confidence, in yourself and what your body can actually be capable of. It is about trusting yourself and also believing you can do it.

It can be an incredible journey to start from the bottom and work your way up, you will gain strength and flexibility along the way, as well as confidence, grace and bodily awareness.

Aerial and acro-balance is great for core strength, control and increased range of mobility. It is the perfect mix of body and mind work out whilst making pretty shapes learning new moves and limitless combinations of moves!

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