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Frequently asked Questions

What to expect if you are going to your first class, aerial etiquette and putting your safety first.

Q. Is there parking nearby?

A. Yes there is plenty of parking on the nearby roads - see our detailed map!

Q. Will I be Safe?

A. Ria and Kay are both First Aiders and hold current DBS Check Certificates. We have plenty of safety equipment such as crash mats and we check our rigging regularly.

As per our registration waiver form which you will need to complete on your first visit to us, we give you plenty of guidance and advise you of safety precautions during the taught sessions.

Choosing to ignore our advise and guidance during classes can result in risk and danger to yourself and others. We want you to enjoy your expereince with us as much as possible and achieve your full potential.

Please listen to your instructors and you can achieve goals and have fun!

Q. What should I wear?

A. Leggings, long sleeves to avoid fabric burns/grazes, generally close fitting closes as baggy things get in the way, ride up or get caught. Cover up as much as possible to avoid burns and grazes, they will happen!

Q. What should I bring?

A. Water, and an open mind of what your body is capable of..

Q. Will it hurt?

A. Yes, it can hurt, you will get grazes, bruises and sore hands but the sense of achievement is worth it!

Q. Do I need to be strong already/don't you need to be a gymnast?

A. Not at all, you do not need to be strong, flexible or fit previous to trying aerial. This is a common misconception. All you need is some determination and you will grow in strength before you know it!

Q. What sort of equipment do you have?

A. We have silks, rope, two different types of hoop (single point and double point) and trapeze, as well as lots of crash mats and some spare yoga mats, but it is best to bring your own if you are attending a yoga class.

Q. Will I have the equipment all to myself or do I have to share?

A. Yes your need to learn to share! There is never more than 2-3 to a piece of equipment, don't hog the equipment! Also when you take turns it means you get a well earned rest and your muscle memory can build up. Also, make sure you are well out of the way of your friends flailing limbs, its hard to know where your legs are going when you're upside-down! This is also a great time to stretch pumped out muscles and cheer on your aerial buddy whilst they have a go!

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